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I have fallen in love with yoga over 10 years ago when my mother took me with her to my first yoga class. In 2014  I moved to Los Angeles and the spiritual journey begun. After working in a very toxic job environment for years I got diagnosed with some significant health changes that could potentially become very serious. It was easier to ignore it than make changes so it still took me another visit with a talented reiki healer Elenora Berenyi who made me realized that If I didn't change my way of living my condition could worsen. She gave me hope that I could be healed with her remedies.  I decided to go back to my hometown where I found more healers one of them being Zsigmond Molnar.  Just a couple of sessions with him and following a strict diet using the “remedies” and more importantly dealing with my emotional issues I was able to get my health back in track!  When my doctor handed me my result  I knew that it is something I have to learn it led me to become a certified prana healer. Ever since I’m been offering healing services.  

One day I had a magical session at Bakti Yoga Shala that changed my relationship with yoga forever.I realized yoga was way more than just a simple exercise. 

I felt a mysterious calling to take my yoga practice to the next level. 

In early 2018 and I completed a 200-hour yoga teacher course and got my yoga teacher certification in Rishikesh, India the yoga capital of the world where I ended up spending 2 months studying yoga philosophy, meditation, pranayama breathing technique, and yoga Nidra sleep mediation. I came to understand that yoga connects the mind-body and soul. Yoga is the way of enlightenment. Yoga helped me find out more and more about my life and how to deal with my daily challenges. I learned to overcome stress and fear. I was exploring my spiritual side as I suffered many physical and other kinds of challenges that I had to face just by living in India. The trip left an amazing effect on my life and I would never change that even if I could. 

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