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Third Eye



Meshi do Magic 

Not knowing is terrible feeling. My readings are not to make you feel better but help you to see more clearly what ultimately will make you feel better and liberated.

You will receive a clear guidance about your issues and can ask additional clarifying questions as needed.

Get the answers you need before you make difficult choices and see what your next steps should be.

I use my intuitive abilities the traditional tarot and oracle cards and what I call my own bag of tricks when I do my readings. I'm connecting to Angles and light beings only no black magic here! 

I have done hundreds of readings and I always do my best to have all the questions answered.

What we have to remember is that we are told what we a suppose to know and not always ready to know everything, however divine timing is always at work!

Also your thoughts and feeling could interfere with the reading so try to have a positive attitude and leave all your frustrations behind. Email to set up a consultation or book a reading online! 

For more updates and occasional free one question readings(stories only) follow me on instagram @meshidomagic or @soulmagicyoga

Psychic readings are known to provide valuable insights that answer questions on careers, money, love life, relationships and more

Book a session if you have questions or just need A psychic advice.